After Sales

Service and advice

Expert advice and support in all project phases is a matter of course for us. Thanks to our many years of experience, expertise and implementation capacity, we offer our customers customised and cost-effective solutions for plant engineering. Our qualified staff will accompany you throughout, assisting with the planning, implementation and our after-sales service.

Spare parts service

For urgent spare parts, the MST spare parts service is available by calling +49-4243-93060 .

If the part number is known and the spare part required is available in stock, we can deliver the desired part by express delivery. In addition to this fast express delivery service, our service offers even more. We provide customer and machine-specific spare part packages and offers active support, even in the most difficult import and customs conditions. It can even help in the event that spare parts need to be provided for the oldest MST machines for which customers do not always have spare part documents.

Customer service

Field service
High machine uptime is the basis for the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your production. Errors and faults that occur must therefore be eliminated as quickly as possible. In many cases, our specialists can help you quickly and free of charge over the phone.

If the fault cannot be rectified, a service technician is then required. However, our highly qualified service technicians are also available for all scheduled or unscheduled maintenance tasks in an executive and/or advisory capacity.


Preventative maintenance
We offer inspection contracts that ensure high machine uptime. An extension of these contracts includes additional framework agreements that are tailored to individual requirements. In addition to this service package, they can include training modules, spare part packages and other services.

If the current condition of your machine deviates from the target condition, a general overhaul is often the only way to achieve the desired goal. MST-MASCHINENBAU GmbH has a large number of self-developed solutions that maintain or increase the performance of your machine or even permit the production of a new product.